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ADSR Recordings

ADSR Recordings, a new net label based in The Midlands, UK. Adsr was started in 2005 as an outlet for experimental musical and graphical artists from Nottinghamshire to showcase their work. ADSR Recodings is primarily a net label, which means that we offer music that is available exclusively through free mp3 downloads, and we will also be offering the occasional CDR release as well. All mp3 releases on the site fall under a Creative Commons license, which means they are free for you to download and distribute as you wish, as long as it is not done for profit. ADSR Recordings is a non-profit project, and any earnings made from the sale of releases and other merchandise is applied towards web site hosting fees, any artists involved and future physical release projects. All rights of the artists and of their recorded material are reserved. All tracks and graphics are copyright of their respective authors.
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ADSR Recordings
by Ornament
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Ornament is a sample-based electronica project in the vein of Four Tet, Tunng and Lemon Jelly.
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Topics: Ambient, Folk, Experimental, Electronica, Electro, IDM, Experimental
ADSR Recordings
by When The Weather Reflects The Mood
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"A Pathetic Fallacy is the attribution of human characteristics to nature or to inanimate objects. My human characteristics' are portrayed via my inanimate objects... Maybe?" - When The Weather Reflects The Mood, 2005 Post-Rock Drum'N'Bass from When The Weather Reflects The Mood released on ADSR Recordings
Topics: Experimental, Drum and Bass, Electronica, IDM, Post Rock
ADSR Recordings
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JiKay's first release on new Nottinghamshire based Experimental Netlabel ADSR Recordings is melodic glitchy electronica with some harsh noise thrown in for good measure. JiKay is working on a full album to be released later in the year through ADSR Recordings.
Topic: Experimental,Electronic